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January 17, 2013


by vipsinc

The Goldrush in Australia started in 1851, with gold found near Bathurst, NSW. Less than a year later gold was found in Ballarat and Bendigo, Victoria.

According to Ballarat’s Mining Exchange Gold Shop owner Cordell Kent, there are still many people flocking to the Gold Fields in Victoria. Recently a prospector found more gold in Ballarat, in an old riverbed inside a hunk of quartz, possibly weighing 177 ounces, at today’s Australian prices, it’s estimated value is nearly $285,000. According to Cordell Kent: “The gold rush is still on”. A Youtube clip of the latest gold find in Ballarat, courtesy of Cordell KentOwner – Gold Dealer, The Mining Exchange Gold Shop:

What are some of the differences between finding gold then and now? How did they live during the Goldrush?

The upcoming 2013 VAFHO Conference,  on the 4th & 5th of May, is not to be missed for those interested in Goldfields history, heritage and culture. Unlock the secrets of the past, are just a sample of the topics offered over 5 keynotes and 24 presentations over 8 sessions:


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