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January 23, 2013

Conference Dinner & VAFHO Awards

by vipsinc


Your special compere at the dinner: Nathaniel Buchanan.

He’s described as a researcher of the unknown, collecting the world’s most unusual stories. Not only is he a special compere, but also one of the speakers at the conference, presenting: “Insanity on the Goldfields: Ararat Mental Asylum”. Nathaniel Buchanan, historian, educator and Eerie Tours operator, is very much interested in prison and asylum histories. He has led groups of people through many places associated with supernatural occurrences: from concentration camps, underground catacombs, medieval villages, battlefields, and cemeteries to experimental prisons that had devastating effects on inmates.

Nathaniel’s passion for the unknown has drawn him to Ballarat, a place whose dark history has led many to regard it as Australia’s most haunted city …  Ballarat has also seen its share of misery during the Goldrush, the Eureka uprising and the many who lost their lives due to disease, or just foul play. With his company Eerie Tours, Nathaniel takes people to some of the most forsaken places. With Nathaniel as your dinner host, it is sure to be an entertaining night.

Ballarat Ghost Tours

Bookings for the Conference Dinner:


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