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March 18, 2013


by vipsinc


Conference speaker Dr Anne Doggett

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Just imagine no CD players, Ipods, or radio; however there was a great deal of music to be enjoyed on the Goldfields.  Dr Anne Doggett, will be able to take you through a musical journey of colonial Australia, specifically the music practiced on the Goldfields in the first 2 decades until 1871. Dr Anne Doggett has published articles in national and international journals, has an MA in Japanese literature and a PhD in musicology.

Part of knowing the different styles of music throughout history helps to reflect the spirit of the age and will give us a better understanding of what life was like during the gold rush. The enormous amount of music performed in Ballarat during the gold rush period, is a rich source through which to explore many diverse aspects of this colonial society. Music was a way of engaging with people and ideas; it helped people identify with cultural norms. Music was a shaping influence on people and communities, not forgetting the influences of the many cultures on the goldfields.

Dr Doggett will be looking at some of the performers, visiting and local, the venues (Some are still in use today) and playing examples of pieces that were performed as well as the differences with music practices of today.

Alfred Bells

Dr Anne Doggett is also a keen bell-ringer. She has rung several peals on tower bells and hand held bells and has co-authored a book about the history of bells in Melbourne, as well as writing a history of the bells in the Ballarat Town Hall. After co-authoring “See How They Ring! -Travelling Bell ringers on the Australasian Popular Stage”, she is currently busy working on a history of town criers in Australia.

Daylesford organ

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